CY Frankel's work was selected by Celia Davies at the Middlesex University photography degree show 2014.

The photographs in Careful (working title) comprise part of CY Frankel’s MA project to be sequenced into a book before the end of 2014.

Dissatisfied with the nature of traditional documentary storytelling, CY Frankel seeks to reconcile two, potentially conflicting aims; to employ the medium of photography – specifically documentary photography – as a tool for self-expression, while at the same time holding on to its referential, indexical characteristics.

He explains:

“Unplanned and unstaged, the photographs are representations of people and things both unknown and familiar. They are ostensibly unrelated, taken in a variety of locations over a period of time stretching over two years.

Through their contextualisation within a larger narrative, however, the images begin to take on further layers of meaning and, hopefully, evoke a mood or set of emotional responses – telling a story – but one that might only ever exist in imagination, in the subconscious, or in the memories it pricks from the subjective life experiences of artist and viewer.”

CY Frankel is a London-based photographer. He was awarded a first-class honours degree in Photography at Middlesex University in 2012 and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in the subject.

His work has been shown at various UK locations including Power Station Gallery and Royal Geographical Society, London.

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