Erica Deeman's series 'Silhouettes' was selected from our call for entries for our upcoming Annual on 'Women'.

A silhouette represents a person or object in a solid shape coming out of a lighter background. The interior is featureless and often black. The form is not linear but something deeper. Historically the silhouette has been used in conjunction with the portrait. Skillful in creation yet greater importance was granted to the painting or photograph.

“Silhouettes” delivers an alternative narrative for women from the African diaspora. A narrative that cannot be measured against the consensus of imagery we are presented with daily. Using light and dark to caress the skin, ‘Silhouettes’ presents among many things, a contrast in the expectation of beauty within a photograph.

Prints are 45in x 45in.

To see more of Erica Deeman’s work, click here.

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