Jessa Fairbrother was recently invited to attend the BPB Portfolio Reviews with this series, Conversations with My Mother.

Jessa Fairbrother

This is my story of severance.

It explores the relationship I had with my mother and my own inability to become one… a photographic performance of being cut from the role of daughter while at the same time denied a maternal role to shape my future.

We had been tentatively making work together taking photographs of our own lives on a single disposable camera, posting it to communicate through process. 

Shortly after my fertility began to unravel. I couldn’t concentrate on my story because it was then we both found out she was going to die.

In the immediate moment I was concerned with the gesture to record her as she was but felt the photograph’s inability to do this. I  photographed myself responding to the surroundings, to negotiating space. Once or twice I asked my mother to photograph me, echoing the way we had used a camera only a few months before. I tried to make sense of things that had no sense except sadness.

I jostled with several personas during this period – wife, daughter, sister, artist. I gained new roles and became Carer. I became child-less…. or child-free. We strived to understand and love each other more completely; we looked at each other seeking resemblance, resentment, entanglement and reliance. I became Orphan. 

An orphan. 

I put on her chemotherapy wig afterwards – it was the only thing that smelled of her. I burned, buried and embellished photographs of us. I performed my grief and began to stitch.

I cried a lot for her. I cried for my loss of feeling the hug of her body, her touch, her laugh. I cried in sorrow at the abrupt suspension of future narratives, for the mother I would not hold again and for the child who would never hold me.

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