Kristina Varaksina uses photography and storytelling to recreate day to day experiences of women in contemporary life.

In my work I explore human psychology and behavior. My main subjects are women in different life situations, going through important changes, experiencing emotional moments. There’s a story I base every shot on. However, I don’t show things happening in a literal way. The story is revealed by a character’s expression, details around them, colors and lighting. My subjects are reflections of my personal experiences as a woman in modern society. With my stories I search for answers to many issues and situations I’ve found myself or other people in. That is why my characters are often in a distress or are perplexed by something. It’s important for me to capture – in my case to stage – those emotional moments that make us what we are.

Kristina Varaksina is a Russian photographer splitting her time between New York and San Francisco. Before getting her MFA in Photography at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, Varaksina worked as an Art Director at advertising agencies in Moscow. Her artwork is represented by galleries in San Francisco, Nashville, Germany, and Denmark.

See here for more of Kristina’s work.

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