This Showcase presents a selection of past works from one of the 2015 Jerwood / Photoworks Awards winners Matthew Finn

I am drawn to projects that have direct reference to my life and the people in it. I am interested in people and events that surround me, these become my visual references for projects that may take years to realise. I am drawn to people both as individuals and as types to explore and get to know through picture making. My projects are collaborations between photographer and subject set within a world that the subject inhabits sometimes a place which defines the work as in my series ‘Mother’ where the protagonist is locked in a world that at times reflects a stage set, other times their is a sense of being trapped in space and time. Whilst other projects place an individual at a single moment in their lives.

For the Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, using my archive of my project ‘Mother’ as a reference, I am interested in looking at the subjective viewpoint of a photographer and to question the outcome of a photograph through the relationship between photographer and sitter. Recreating images similar to that taken in my previous project Mother but by replacing her with my wife set within her own domestic environment, using staged settings and poses I am interested in seeing how the images may change from both the viewpoint of the viewer(audience) and both protagonists. The idea that my wife becomes the mother figure and if through our relationship changes happen.

Find out more about the the JPA15 awards here.

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