• © Rita Chauveau, 1967 (expo 67) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1959 (island st-hélène) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1959 (island st-hélène) Montréal, québec, Canada

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1979, Spain

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1956 Road Bangalore to Mysore, India

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1959 CAP-HAÏTIEN, Haïti

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1959 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1966 BARBADE

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1966 LA MARTINIQUE

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1956, Papineauville, Quebec, Canada

  • © Rita Chauveau, 1973 GUADALAJARA, Mexico

Showcase: Rita Chauveau

Rita Chauveau (4 Feb 1911 - 20 Jan 2005) was a street photographer born in Montreal, Canada.

Between the years of 1955 and 1987, Rita took 3500 Kodachrome slides, throughout her travels in 22 countries: Argentina, Antigua, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Japan, Martinique, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Porto Rico, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA, and the Virgin Islands.

Her family say of her work; ‘Her pictures are very cinematographic. They tell powerful stories:  encounters and discoveries. Intimate connections and universal interactions are linked together. Her photographic style, guided by her boundless curiosity, takes us on a trip to where we find ourselves’.

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'Untitled' from the series Single Saudi Women. © Wasma Mansour.
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