Highlights include interviews with Murray Ballard discussing The Prospect of Immortality, Lorenzo Vitturi, on his working process and Juno Calypso, as part of our talent development series.

With new content uploaded every week we know you may not get round to reading every Photoworks article.

But with holidays approaching, we thought this a good time to look back at the past twelve months and put together a selection of favourite interviews from 2016.


Sian Davey

“Psychotherapy is a profoundly intimate process, as is portrait photography – both are essentially a dance between subject and object.”

Fergus Heron

“Conceptually, I am drawn to subjects that complicate simple distinctions between past, present and future.”


Kaze Hakimi

“I used a white wall at the back of my fish and chip shop as a background… By being quick and informal the subjects don’t have time to become self-conscious or bored.”




Sam Ivin

“The whole process of scratching someone’s face out is actually pretty disturbing but it fitted what I wanted to say well.”


Lorenzo Vitturi

“This continuous dialogue between photography and sculpture is one of the most crucial parts of my process.”


Phil Toledano 

“The thing about being a parent is that you’re expected to be wildly enthused from the word go and if you’re not, you’re considered a serial killer of sorts.”


Juno Calypso

“I get really protective over my ideas and don’t want to tell anyone about them until it’s done. I’d rather shoot it and let them decide after”.


Jocelyn Allen

“Making the work is one thing and then choosing what to show is another”.


Alma Haser

“I don’t like to make life easy for myself, so a photograph is never just a photograph with me”.


Murray Ballard

“I was aware of the concept through science-fiction and, like a lot of people, I had some vague idea that Walt Disney had been cryopreserved, although that turned out to be an urban myth”.


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