Watch Heather Agyepong discuss her series 'Habitus: Potential Realities' shown as part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2018.

Challenging perspectives and re-imagining identities, a series of staged self-portraits by Heather Agyepong. 

Rule, Britannia!
Britannia, rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.


A series of twelve self-portraits by artist Heather Agyepong exploring the potentiality of British values in a new Europe.

At this time of uncertainty, the work poses questions about what has been learnt during the two years since the EU referendum and about our capacity for change. The project has been informed by young Brighton & Hove residents. 73% of young people voted remain and studies show an increased feeling of anxiety within this group since the June 2016 result.

Born out of her personal frustration at the referendum, Agyepong seeks empowerment by positively imagining what the future might hold.

Britannia is a British cultural icon personified as a goddess. Agyepong’s optimistic re-imagination depicts a new set of values that she hopes are relevant to us all.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2018

Examining the current state of flux as the United Kingdom redefines its role in Europe, the eighth Brighton Photo Biennial draws on one of the most important geopolitical events of our time. The UK’s status within the EU may be changing, but geographically we will remain part of Europe – with a shared history and intertwined future.

Much of the photography in Brighton Photo Biennial 2018 responds to this current uncertainty. Visitors are invited to examine Britain’s geography as an island: simultaneously divided and connected. They can also reflect on the ongoing refugee crisis and photography’s role in the construction of national identity. Photoworks’ own beginnings are revisited with the Cross Channel Photographic Mission, created to mark The Channel Tunnel physically linking Britain to the continent for the first time in 12,000 years.

Brighton Photo Biennial 2018 Official Filmmaker: Vasil Dzhagalov

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