Photoworks support young photographers by showcasing their work early on in their careers to encourage continued practice. Today we feature the work of Anna Taglia, a photographer from Sicily, developing her work about her hometown.

My name is Anna Taglia, I’m a 17 year old Italian teenager currently living in Brighton, UK, attending Cardinal Newman College.

I love my homeland Sicily, but at the same time I am always happy to leave it in order to explore new places, meet new people and let myself be covered by new culture, landscapes and ways of facing life.
I’m in love with life in general and photography helps me by focusing on it, and on myself, avoiding wasting all of the beauty we are surrounded by, which can be forgotten because of the frenzy of modern life.

© Anna Taglia, Old lady gaze, 2017

I first approached photography at the age of 13 when my dad bought a canon D350 for himself. We shared the camera till I decided to buy my own Nikon D3200 in 2015. I had never studied photography before coming to the UK, I’d been previously self-taught, but I’m now attending an A-level photography course.

© Anna Taglia, Light, 2017
© Anna Taglia, Light, 2017

In the summer of 2016, I had two of my pictures included in a show in Siracusa, where I’m from, which I was really happy about.

Photography is not just a passion to me but a way of living, framing every event I see, even if I don’t have a camera with me – which I always do! I photograph for a few reasons. Firstly, for the awareness that time does not come back and therefore every second is unique and irreplaceable, and secondly that it helps me to grow, understand the world and be a better person.

© Anna Taglia, Laundry, 2017
© Anna Taglia, Freedom, 2017
© Anna Taglia, Fishmonger, 2017

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