Beyond, Celina Pawlowska, 2018 © Anka Gregorczyk

#3 Space – Photochat

For #3 Space we invited Anka Gregorczyk and Igor Zieliński to take part in conversations through images in our Instagram Photochats.

Anka Gregorczyk is a freelance architectural and documentary photographer based in Poland. She is a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers, and has a Master’s degree in Photography from the University of Arts in Poznań. She also holds a Master’s degree in Spatial Economy from Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poznań.

Her work is concerned with the urban landscape, architecture and spiritual connection between human and land which drives her interests into a visual reinterpretation of human space. She is the founder of FOTSPOT association and owner of the photography art space CENTRALA.

Beyond, Celina Pawlowska, 2018 © Anka Gregorczyk

Igor Jan Zielinski (1995). Born in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Zielinski is currently a student of photography at University of Arts in Poznan. His work focused on documentary photography and relations between humans and space. He’s also interested in framing  moments of of time through photography as a way to experience timelessness.

Zielinkski has previously exhibited at Incheon Asia Maritime Media Festival in South Korea (2018) and Paperlust Photobook Fest in Krakow, Poland (2019).

© Igor Zielinski

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