Mattie Boom

Mattie Boom is Curator of Photography at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. She was one of the founders of the Nederlands Fotogenootschap and president of this society of public institutions holding photo collections in the Netherlands from 1992 to 2002. Since 1994 she has been attached to the Print Room of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as curator for photography, putting together catalogues (‘A New Art. Photography in the 19th century’ in 1996), exhibitions and leading the project, an online catalogue inventory of pre-1860 photographs in public collections in the Netherlands. In 2007 she collaborated in a national project to produce a new handbook on the history of photography in the Netherlands: Dutch Eyes. A Critical History of Photography in the Netherlands (Hatje Cantz 2007). In 2014 she published (with Hans Rooseboom) Modern Times. Photography in the 20th Century (Amsterdam) 2014.