Photographer Ewen Spencer presents the film clips, Gifs and other work by the young London based artist Bafic in this showcase.

“Do you remember the good old days before the Ghost town”
No I don’t Jerry. But what I do know is the present.
“Who you looking at?”

Who are we looking at? We are looking at young London from the top deck of a bus. We are all voyeurs up there.

Bafic came to us from North London via the Midlands and currently lives in South London. His pictures are biographical, visceral and live online alongside his short film clips, Gifs and self made booklets.

Like a pictorial hacker he invites us to share his work in yet unrealised ways through social media.

He kicks over the statues and laying a new path with the remains. Disinterested in established art systems and the bourgeoisie, his discourse could be the future and it titters at the braying twitter hordes. Move over McGinleys children. This is the modern world.

More of Bafic’s work can be viewed at

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