Resource Pack for Teachers' 2008

This resource could be used in the classroom, or on a group trip to visit one of the exhibitions of the Brighton Photo Biennial 2008.

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Brighton Photo Biennial 2008

The 2008 Brighton Photo Biennial examined photographic images of war, their making, use, circulation, and currency in contemporary society.

This third edition on the festival included work from Broomberg & Chanarin, Don McCullin, Frank Hurley, Geert Van Kesteren, Philip Jones Griffiths, Simon Norfolk, Thomas Hirschorn amongst many others.

Resource Pack for Teachers’ 2008


  • The ethics of photography
  • Citizen journalism
  • Media manipulation
  • Persistence of vision: the memory of images
  • Regarding the pain of others
  • The military image-making machine
  • Aftermath photography
  • The effect of war on women and children
  • Displacement through war

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For more information about the Brighton Photo Biennial, click here.

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