Carmen and Alec Soth Brighton Picture Hunt

Brighton Picture Hunt

An extract from an interview with Carmen Soth. 30th July 2040.

So, Carmen, looking back on what is already an illustrious career, where did your interest in photosensing really begin?

Well, in fact I can be pretty precise about that one. It was in the Spring of 2010, and my dad, as you know the photographer, Alec Soth, had been given a commission to make some work in Brighton, England. Anyway, there was some problem at customs when we arrived and because he didn’t have the right papers or something the officials said he couldn’t take any pictures, at least not as his professional work. The whole family were there so they let us through, but my dad was faced with a dilemma: how to go about the commission now? Then he came up with this idea to involve me. I think it was a kind of ironic compliance with those rules. So I got to take the pictures, under his guiding hand as it were. And well, the rest is history, as they say!

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Published in Photoworks Issue 15, 2010

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