Desert Island Pics with Simon Roberts

Which eight photographs would Simon Roberts take with him to a desert island?

Photoworks Presents:
Desert Island Pics – Simon Roberts
11am, Saturday 24 January 2015
London Art Fair

Desert Island Pics: Simon Roberts

Award-winning British photographer Simon Roberts is best known for his expansive large-format photographs and an approach to creating wide-ranging surveys of our time, communicating on social, economic and political issues with projects such as Pierdom (2010-13), The Election Project (2010), We English (2007-8) and Motherland (2004-5).

Desert Island Pics is an ongoing series of Photoworks talks, loosely based on the format of Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Previous castaways including Martin Parr, Alison Jackson and Jeremy Deller.

In this talk for London Art Fair 2015, Simon will reveal the eight photographs he’d like to have with him if castaway on a desert island. He’ll discuss his choices and how they reflect his life and career with with our regular Desert Island Pics host Stephen Bull.

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