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Ideas Series: Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels is something of an enigma in the photography world. Rising quickly to international prominence, his books, exhibitions and collaborations have caught the zeitgeist during a sustained period of self-examination for photography.

In this short interview for Photoworks magazine, Kessels explains his understanding of who his audience is and of the impact of his publications.

Photoworks – Can you describe KesselsKramer. Also, what do you publish and why?

Erik Kessels – KesselsKramer is a communications agency based in Amsterdam and London.
We make communication for international clients but also like to dig into a diverse range of projects: product design; documentary and publishing.

We’ve published a number of our own books and also books in partnership with other publishers (such as ‘2 kilo of Kesselskramer’ and ‘one hundred and one things to do’). We fund new books through advance sales and have built up a network of interested parties through the years. Our publishing remit comes from the obsessions and interests of those inside KesselsKramer. One of those biggest obsessions is photography.

<strong>PW – Who do you see as you audience?

EK – People similar to us– people with creative disciplines. However it can be more diverse than that. Through the web you naturally reach a wider scope of people from different backgrounds.

PW – Why do you suppose this group buys your books and what do you see them getting from them? Do they use them to stimulate their own practice, do the books and images you use resonate with their lives in some way, or do they buy them to collect?

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Published in Photoworks issue 09, 2006

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