Instagram takeover: Alexandra Polina

Alexandra Polina takes over our Instagram account, June 2017.

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Alexandra Polina was born in Uzbekistan. She studied Journalism at the National University of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. She graduated In 2017 from the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld with MA in Art and Design. Currently she is working as a freelance photographer.

The main subject of her work has always been concentrated around the themes of immigration and identity, especially their social and emotional aspects. Having spent twenty years in her home land, Alexandra moved to Germany, which was a life-changing experience. The personal history and identity of the photographer runs through her work across the fields of staged photography and documentary themes.
Alexandra is a finalist of Merck-Preis and a winner of several awards including PhotoVision competition, La Quatrième Image and Photonic Moments award. Her works have been shown in Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Luxemburg and other countries.

Hey! This is @polinaalexandra taking over @photoworks_uk for the coming week! I am starting with the picture of Maria from the series #masksmythsandsubjects. The protagonists of the photo series are members of visible minorities who were born, raised and educated in Germany. #Polinaalexandra # These images deal with a social gap created by prejudiced stigmatized view and use clichéd folkloric settings and common stereotypes to question it. The result is a collage of individual experiences, based on the common social condition of living as a perceived foreigner in Germany combined with the still-lifes where everyday life objects are exoticized through the way of staging. #igetakeover #identity #portrait #middleformat

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