© Ibrahim Azab, FOPDTMM_#13, 2019.

Ibrahim Azab takes over our Instagram account for the week sharing his series, FOPDTMM, which reveals a process and failure of experience through the photographic object, sound, and information.

Ibrahim Azab constructs collages made from magazine cut-outs and the artists’ personal imagery, highlighting the process of reproducing memory and material. Through digital and physical interventions of adding and removing material, Azab uses the mechanical and the manual as a means of producing a work of art. The body of work explores the perception of information and visual memory to form an understating of the sub-conscious challenging in photographic representations.

For W. Benjamin the work of art encompasses this process quite literally. Through the mechanical processes of photography ‘such as enlargement or slow motion’ or rather in this case Photoshop and collaging, the image can escape its authentic or original position and becomes something further than the physical, mirroring how the subconscious seamlessly performs this process with our own memories.

Through this playful investigation, the artist attempts to de-materialise the surrounding world through everyday consumer images but significantly forms a visceral material that becomes a vessel of re-appropriated experiences, memories, and photographs.


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@ibby_azab here starting day two for @photoworks instagram takeover. In photography, there is a lot of processes involved, weather it would be developing light sensitive paper, or feather masking that jawline you always wanted, some of which are totally unseen in the final image observed, from the moment a photograph is taken to the moment it is experienced by the viewer, but process is something we can unravel if you observe closely… what is the truth behind surface? the body and mind behind the lens ? or the camera itself? Or maybe its formed in the act of seeing, as they do say… seeing is believing? Above you can see the initial composite of FOPDTMM_#13 #photoworks_uk #ibrahimazab #instagramtakeover #photography

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