Instagram Takeover: Joe Pettet-Smith

Our next Instagram takeover features photographer Joe Pettet- Smith, runner up in the British Journal of Photography’s Breakthrough Awards 2017.

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Joe Pettet-Smith (b.1993) studied BA Photography at the University of Brighton, graduating with First Class Honours in July 2017. His research driven practice combines a critical fine art approach with a documentary aesthetic. His work has been featured by The British Journal of Photography, The Telegraph Weekend, Source Photographic Review, Negative Feedback, Pylot and Loupe Magazine. In August 2017 he was commissioned by the Financial Times Magazine to complete an ongoing personal project. Joe was selected as the runner up in the British Journal of Photography’s Breakthrough Awards 2017 and now divides his time between commissions, assisting Simon Roberts and long term self-initiated projects.

@joepettetsmith here on the last day of my takeover, sharing pictures from my project Preparations for the Worst Case Scenario. This is a first edition of Mary Shelley's The Last Man photographed at the Bodlein library in Oxford. Written in 1826, The Last Man is the first example of a post-apocalyptic narrative appearing in British literature. Set in a future United Kingdom after a plague sweeps across the globe, the story follows a group of traveling survivors as their numbers dwindle down to the last man on earth. This project takes a case study approach, each picture having its own separate research, collectively the pictures show examples of these narratives in literature, cinema, live action role playing, theatre and video games. Ultimately, the work uses photography to unpick quite a complex part of psychology, to delve beneath the surface of the world of entertainment. #joepettetsmith #igtakeover #photography #photoworks #stilllife #studio #maryshelley #thelastman #archive

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This is @joepettetsmith on day 3 of my takeover and now it's time for something completely different . I started making work in Dover in 2016 in the weeks leading up to the EU referendum. The work is ultimately about transition; Dover as a town that everyone knows but is visited in order to go elsewhere, secondly the town of Dover itself is undergoing two major redevelopments simultaneously and lastly the slow transition out of the EU with all of the economic, social and political implications that leaving implies. This is a picture of the holding surrounding the port redevelopment taken in Nov 2017. The holding shows a CGI impression of what it will look like once it's finished, the EU flag and the text "Co-financed by the European Union". #joepettetsmith #photoworks #photography #mamiya7 #portra160 #filmsnotdead #subjectivelyobjective #negativefb #igtakeover #newtopographics

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