Instagram Takeover: Phil Toledano

Photographer, Phil Toledano is our next guest Instagram account editor.

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He joins a list of guest editors including Cristina de Middel, Lorenzo VitturiSian DaveyAlma HaserAaron SchumanJason LarkinFederica Chiochetti and many more.

Phil Toledano

I was born in 1968 in London, to a French Moroccan mother and an American father.

I have a BA in English literature. My art education came from my father, who was a full time artist.

Here's another one from 'days with my father' my lovely beautiful dad-love is the thing, really @mrtoledano

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It would be fair to say that I learned by osmosis.

Knifecuts… Phillip toledano (@mrtoledano) for @photoworks_uk

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I consider myself a conceptual artist: Everything starts with an idea, and the idea determines the execution.

Consequently, my work varies in medium, from photography to installation, sculpture and painting. The themes of my work are primarily socio-political, although lately I’ve strayed into the deeply personal.

Another shot from my 'Loulou ipadding' series…Phillip TOLEDANO (@mrtoledano) for @photoworks_uk

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