© Philippe Dudouit, from his Instagram Takeover, August 2017

Photographer Philippe Dudouit, becomes our next guest editor for our Instagram takeover, July, 2017.

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Born in Switzerland, Philippe Dudouit graduated from Vevey School of Photography. He has been
recipient of a Kiefer Hablitzel Prize in 2004 and participated in the World Press Photo Master Class
in 2005. In 2008 he won a first prize in the World Press Photo competition for his work on the PKK
fighters in Northern Iraq and in 2009 a third prize on the Tuareg rebellions in Mali and Niger. In
2011 his work in progress received a Swiss Design Award and in 2013 he was a Magnum
Emergency Fund grantee.

Né en Suisse, Philippe Dudouit est diplômé de l‘Ecole de Photographie de Vevey. Prix Kiefer
Hablitzel en 2004, il a participé un an plus tard au Master class du World Press Photo (WPPH). En
2008, il recevait le Premier prix du concours WPPH pour son travail sur les combattants du PKK
au Nord de l’Iraq et le troisième prix en 2009 pour les rébellions touareg au Mali et au Niger. En
2011, son travail en cours a reçu le Swiss Federal Design Award. En 2013, le soutien du Magnum
Emergency Fund Grant.

Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/photoworks_uk

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