Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez: Rongwrong

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Jonathan Hernandez describes his complex and finely-wrought collages as ‘detonations’.

Exploding images from the everyday world into a kaleidoscope of collisions and juxtapositions that are surprising, illuminating and often disconcerting, Hernandez’s assemblages are exquisite works fabricated from found press photographs, collected and re-used by the artist in an ongoing series entitled Rongwrong.

Taking their name from Marcel Duchamp’s journal Rongwrong of 1917 (the magazine was originally to be called Wrongwrong but became Rongwrong as a result of a printing error which appealed to Duchamp’s love of chance happenings), Hernandez’s collages are assembled from an archive of press photographs that the artist has been amassing over a period of time.

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Published in Photoworks issue 8, 2007
Commissioned by Photoworks

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