Mia (23) is a British-Chinese photographer whose work There Lies The World explores her immediate surroundings and the cyclical nature of time. She focuses on her own relationship with England and a sense of shared history through the coastal location of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. A place where time seems to have slowed down, the site gave her the perfect opportunity to explore connections between the past and present.

© Mia Parker-Tang, There lies the world, from the series There lies the world, 2021

“More than anything, There Lies The World is about time. I am exploring the intersections between myths and history – both of Tintagel as a place, and my own personal understanding.”

“Like Tintagel itself, I want my photographs to facilitate the exploration of both the past and the present. When people engage with my work, I don’t want them to see a document of something that happened, I want them to see a moment in progress, time slowed down for an image, but never stopped entirely.”

“Working with Tintagel as a location was like a dream, it’s so rich in history and has such a dramatic landscape. Places like that exist as liminal spaces, between our understanding of the world now and how it used to be. If time is a veil between the past and the present, this work is my way of playing with that in-between space, of making it less unknown”.

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