The Photocopy Club  is a collective producing a monthly exhibition of photocopied/xerox photography from photographers around the world.

Their next exhibition will form part of the Jerwood Encounters show, Family Politics curated by Photoworks, showing at Jerwood Space, London 6 November – 8 December 2013.

‘What we are hoping to achieve with this project is to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back in the the hands of the public. Photocopying is one of the cheapest ways to get photography printed, Basically we want the show to be like a giant zine that everyone can take a page from.’ says The Photocopy Club.

For this submission, The Photocopy Club invites photographers to share their own documentation of family life.

‘Social media reveals the lives of family and friends on a grand scale: our home life, holidays, weddings, deaths and births. Everything that was private about the family is now often played out online for all to look in on. ‘ says The Photocopy Club.

‘The term family politics may be considered as you see fit – this is about how you see your family, whether you look at it in the traditional sense or in a more alternative way.’

Submissions are invited in the form of 1-5 images printed as black and white photocopies (size A4 – A1). The Photocopy Club will then select from these.

Find out more about The Photocopy Club and find out how to submit images to them at their website 

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