Dance is a universal language of expression. We dance alone, in the privacy of our own homes; we dance together, in pairs and in groups, forming communities based on shared likes and experiences.

Photoworks X at Peckham 24 explored the intersection between dance, music and movement through contemporary photography, performance and video, celebrating how these freedoms of expression helped define different communities. Artists include Lotte Andersen, Marie Barrett, Amar Ediriwira, Bernice Mulenga, Lilian Nejatpour & Rebecca Salvadori.

Peckham 24 is a short festival of contemporary photography that takes place during Photo London week across warehouses, galleries and art spaces in one of London’s most exciting and dynamic artistic quarters. In the spirit of this year’s theme Collaboration x Community, Photoworks, Der Greif and Webber Gallery share a space to explore different perspectives on a common theme, Dancing in Peckham. The three days of photography, performance and music included live performances on Friday evening and Saturday day.

Full programme

Alexandra Davenport – ‘In the Gap Between’

Live performance, duration varies (approx. 15 minutes)
Performed by: Andrew Oliver, Amelia Tan, Duane Nasis, Rachel Coleman & Sara Stenbaek.

Info: Grappling with the still & moving body — ‘In the Gap Between’ explores the body in motion, and what it means for the body to become a still image. Informed by traditional synchronised dance structures such as Corps de Ballet (Body of the Ballet) and The Chorus Line; ‘The the Gap Between’ utilises key characteristics of these structures (moving in sync, single file arrangement, repetition, pace & pauses) as a means to explore the body as an image. Tasked with creating a consistent image, performers move in a synchronised queue-like formation, and reproduce the movement presented by the performer in front. With movement filtering through each body, ‘In the Gap Between’ embraces the slippages and improvisations that occur when information is lost in translation.


Dustin Ericksen – ‘three easy faeces’

Dustin Ericksen, banjo
Anthony Faroux, percussion
Damian Griffiths, camera
Billy Steiger, violin

A performance of three songs; each song inspired by a single photograph chosen from Der Greif’s ‘open call’ for images. The music is improvisatory, rhythm and drone based. Each song begins with Damian Griffiths setting up a portrait of one player. The song ends when he is satisfied with an image capturing that song. One picture will be produced for each of the three songs.
The work is inspired by a specific DMT synaesthetic experience in which a colorful-tube-player from another dimension played music which was funnelled into and heard by the eyes.


*Lana Mesic & Simone Mudde – ‘Photo Blind Date’*

Welcome to the Photo Blind Date!! Where we will match one lucky contestant with one photograph. The contestant naturally doesn’t get to see the bachelors before and is to base his/her choice purely on the answers the photographs will give. After the game the lucky contestant will go off on a romantic date to get to know each other better. Because honestly how well do we get to know a photograph!?

The game show will be moderated by Simone Mudde and Lana Mesic, contestants to be announced at the venue
Venue: DG Studios, The Bussey Building

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