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Day 2 starts with A guide to consuming festivals without being devoured, looking at art and photography festivals through a humane lens. Join Ashokkumar Mistry together with Anna Farley (Project Artworks Associate Artist), Sonia Boué (Author of Neurophototherapy), Ngozi Ugochukwu (photographer, filmmaker and performer) present a holistic panel discussion and interactive Q&A leading to a collective record of thoughts on the accessibility of future festivals.

Sonia Boué

Sonia Boué is a multiform artist. She is also a writer on autism and art, and a consultant for neurodiversity in the arts. She has a significant body of postmemory work and her current focus is neuro-inclusive practice-led research. She has a performative and responsive visual arts practice.

Anna Farley

Anna Farley (b.1989) is an autistic artist based near Hull. She makes work exploring her autism and co-occurring conditions & UK disability benefit culture. Anna’s practice is socially engaged & process-based, focusing on the principle of inclusion. She creates and delivers bespoke autism inclusion training globally for arts institutions & organisations.

Ashokkumar Mistry

Ashokkumar D Mistry is a proudly Leicester-based, Neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist, writer, researcher, activist and curator working in the UK and internationally. Subverting technologies and ideologies, he challenges conventional ways of making and viewing art. Centering on anti-fascist practice, Mistry’s research scrutinises differences to expand our understanding of the human condition that includes impairment and disability as part of the entirety of the human condition. A co-founder of the Disability in British Art Research Group, part of the British Art Network, Mistry has written extensively for Disability Arts Online.


Ngozi Ugochukwu

Ngozi Ugochukwu is a creative practitioner in various disciplines – photography, filmmaking and performance. Her work as a photographer has been exhibited at Disability Arts Online, DaDa Fest, Manchester Open at HOME at Factory International. Ngozi is currently co-executive producer of DaDa Fest.   


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