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In the afternoon, the first edition of the Photoworks Photobook Club features presentations that highlight four approaches to photobook making, looking in detail at the practical and conceptual aspects of the creation process of a book. Featuring photographers in conversation with publishers and curators. 

Tamsin Green (The Sustainable Photobook Publishing Network)/ Sayako Sugawara (Photographer); Jane & Jeremy (Designers/Publisher) / Elizabeth Fullerton (Writer) / Hannah Hughes (Artist); Julia Bunnemann (Curator, Photoworks) / Matthew Arthur Williams (Artist/PhotoworksXAmpersand Artist in Residence); Diane Smyth (Editor, Photoworks) / David O’Mara (Photographer).

Hannah Hughes

David O’Mara

Sayako Sugawara

Sayako Sugawara is a London-based Japanese artist with an experimental approach to image making using photographic processes. Her work explores memory and imagination, stillness and movement. She exhibits internationally including solo shows and gives alternative photography workshops.

Matthew Arthur Williams

Matthew Arthur Williams is an artist, photographer and DJ. Living and working in Glasgow. He is a board member of The Bothy Project and a Lecturer in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. Through the nightclub industry as a DJ he has curated several nights in Scotland, booking acts as well as performing in and around the UK and beyond.

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