Inspired by Photoworks’ latest annual publication we have two sessions featuring writers and photographers from the Photoworks Annual #30 presenting on thingification. 

In the first session, we have Diane Smyth (Editor, Photoworks), Jermaine Francis (Photographer), Ben Burbridge (Writer), and Eugenie Shinkle (Photographer). 

The second session discusses the rights and ethics of the subjects of image-making in a photographic practice. In this session, we have Diane Smyth (Editor, Photoworks), Jess Crombie (Writer), Siobhan Warrington (Writer).

Ben Burbridge

Professor Ben Burbridge is a writer, curator, and academic, who has worked with institutions such as the Science Museum and The Photographers’ Gallery. His publications include Photography After Capitalism (2020), and he teaches modern and contemporary Art History at the University of Sussex.


Jess Crombie

Jess Crombie is a researcher and scholar working as a senior lecture at UAL and a consultant for leading organisations in the humanitarian sector. In 2017 she co-authored the ground-breaking research The People in the Pictures with Siobhan Warrington for Save the Children.

Jermaine Francis

Born in Birmingham, Jermaine Francis grew up in the former industrial town Tipton. He studied at Walsall Art College and Derby College, and has published three books. Francis’ work is currently on show in the exhibition Soulscapes at Dulwich Picture Gallery.


Eugenie Shinkle

Eugenie Shinkle is an artist, writer, and Reader in Photography at Westminster School of Art. Her research and writing covers topics such as landscape, architecture, fashion, and aesthetics, and visual technologies such as drones, cameras and video games.


Siobhan Warrington

Siobhan Warrington is currently working as a senior research associate at Newcastle University’s Oral History Unit and Collective, and in 2017 collaborated with Jess Crombie on the ground-breaking research The People in the Pictures for Save the Children.


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