A Picture Book of Britain Henna Nadeem


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British artist Henna Nadeem works with found photographic landscape images that evoke strong western pictorial traditions, in a process that begins to undermine the solidity of these images and ideas. Nadeem uses pattern templates derived from a variety of non-western sources as a basis for grafting images together into delicately interwoven collages.

Photoworks commissioned Nadeem to produce new work using photographs sourced from a series of highly popular books published between 1937 and 1975 by Country Life Magazine entitled The Picture Books of Britain. In this resulting bookwork, Nadeem has gone to new extremes to powerful hallucinatory effect. In these collages 1960s Britain seems in the grip of parallel realities, not just an unstable, evolving place but one going through a gradual and at times nightmarish metamorphosis.

Text by David Chandler and Benedict Burbridge.

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2006
290mm x 235mm
96 pages
40 B&W plates, 44 colour plates

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