Monograph Nigel Shafran: Edited Photographs 1992-2004

Reflecting a time of unprecedented creative energy and diversity in photography, the Photoworks Monograph series surveys the work of the most important emerging photographers in the UK. Comprehensively illustrated, and with specially commissioned texts, these substantial 112-page monographs are the first in-depth study of each artist’s work, acknowledging their achievement to date while introducing their work to a broader audience.

Nigel Shafran’s work is characterised by the quiet observation of everyday life. His chosen subject matter is deliberately low-key and often domestic in nature: the washing up, his Dad’s office, charity shops and car boot sales. And yet his work extracts from this something profound and consistently beautiful, the sense of a natural order in ordinary things, or, as Shafran says ‘an acceptance of how things are’. Having established himself as one of the most respected fashion photographers in the UK during the 1990s, Shafran has shifted his attention towards a more intimate relationship between the photographer and the photographed.

Edited by Celia Davies, with essays by Val Williams and Paul Elliman, and an interview with the artist by Charlotte Cotton.

Co-published with Steidl

Designed by SMITH with Nigel Shafran
Published in 2004
290 x 220mm
144 pages
60-80 colour & B&W plates

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