Claudia Sola is constantly searching for new ways to place daily happenings into a universal context.

Her works have a strong political intention, often resulting in personal documents that reflect the way we are. Sola lives and works in Amsterdam.

© Claudia Sola, Trick’rTreat, 2002. Video installation, 3 video’s, 3’17”, loop, color, stereo sound, 3 monitors ca. 21inch

© Claudia Sola, Michael, 2013 A one minute video, color, stereo sound, projection

© Artist, Being there, 2009-2007, – AN EXCERPT – Video film, 7’29”, color, loop, surround sound, projection size ca. 4 x 3m

Claudia Sola was invited to be part of Jerwood Encounters exhibition Curated by Photoworks to exhibit her photographic work on the theme ‘Family Politics’.

The exhibition will present new commissions and existing work by six early career photographers relating to ‘Family Politics’ – the curatorial theme of the first issue of Photoworks Annual. The exhibiting artists include invited artists Claudia Sola and The Photocopy Club; and artists selected from an open call, Jonny Briggs, Robert Crosse, Nikolai Ishchuk and Joanna Piotrowska. The exhibition explores the different ways in which artists consider and use photographic practice resulting in an expanded view of the medium.

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