Klara Svackova explores the uncanny in the domestic environment using still and moving imagery.

9 Verner House

The aim of this project is to explore moving image in connection to Sigmund Freud’s essay, The Uncanny (1919) and other theories about ‘the uncanny’. I intend to focus upon the familiar and unfamiliar and analyze their distinction and also to question the line between them.

In this work, familiarity is challenged and objects are presented as being neither one nor the other. These ideas are supported by filming within the space of my apartment. The location is key for this project as the home represents the familiar.

In this moving image piece, the subject or event is not certain and one is not sure if there is anything happening or if it’s only one’s imagination. Reality is presented as an impression which one creates and one is never sure if the world as one sees it is the ‘real world’.

In this piece I present imagery of ordinary objects and events both conventionally and imbued with ambiguous and uncanny qualities. The use of still images and minimal camera movement within the moving image piece inspire a sense of jarring and the uncanny in this typically fluid medium.

This project ‘s aim is to encourage viewers to engage with their perception of reality and to explore the connection between ‘normal’ and ‘strange’ within the medium of moving image.

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