Melissa Spiccia's series 'She is, Body Dysmorphic' was selected from our call for entries for our upcoming Annual on 'Women'.

In the project She is, Body Dysmorphic the female body is a central focus, as subject and medium.

Working in solitude with a series of large-scale prints of the female form I was initially interested in exploring the possibility of somehow shifting or connecting my body; it’s members and parts elsewhere, that anatomically were not possible. For instance my arm would always be connected to my shoulder, my leg to my pelvis but what if I could manipulate them, move them fluidly somewhere else in the body.

By working with the prints it allowed me to playful explore the idea as well as other female bodies. This then led me into researching body dysmorphic issues and the preoccupation involving the distorted belief that one’s appearance is defective, needing to be hidden or fixed.

A performative element was present in the process privately between the camera and the body and the final outcome of the works produced are small in scale, in the hope to create an intimate experience between the viewer and photograph.

To see more of Melissa’s work, click here.

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