Raquel Carro, 2016 MA Photography graduate from London College of Communication, uses photography and found materials to create narratives around remote communities in Northern Spain in her series Between the Cracks.

Over the last two years I have been photographing different communities in remote locations. My project Between the Cracks is a study and documentation of these communities.

In my project, I explore themes of isolation, loneliness and individualism as they emerge through the personal material and documentation of the remote communities that have retreated from civilization in the mountains of northern Spain. I combine archival photographs and personal objects (diaries, letters and postcards, amongst other things) left behind by members of these communities with my own images to tell a story about the people living there.

From the series Between the Cracks. © Raquel Carro, 2016.

I make use of photography and found material as a narrative tool to compose an experience of escaping from modern reality and creating an opening to a world of new ideas while at the same time finding closure to old ones. The found objects function as metaphors of a sense of loss in the search for something new in an uncharted territory between uncertainty and hope. Carriers of an intrinsic truth, they become tangible links between the past and the present expressing allegories of the time and place of those who owned them while inviting the viewers to infuse them with their personal narratives in a journey to discover their own truth and escape their own reality.

From the series Between the Cracks. © Raquel Carro, 2016.

See here more of Raquel’s work.

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