Instagram takeover: Andrea Grützner

We welcome recent ING Unseen Talent winner, Andrea Grützner to our Instagram Takeover.

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Andrea Grützner currently lives and works in Berlin and Konstanz. She earned her Master of Arts degree in photography from the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in 2014 and subsequently has shown at festivals, and in solo and group shows worldwide. Grützner received several awards, among others the Source Cord Prize in 2014, Gute Aussichten – Young German Photography Prize in 2014/2015, FOAM Talent 2016 and most recently the Jury Award of the ING Unseen Talent Award. Kerber Verlag published a monograph das Eck (The Corner) which was developed during the course of her grant in Koblenz as „Koblenzer Stadtfotografin 2015“. In addition, Andrea is also giving lectures, workshops and talks in various institutions. She is currently teaching on a regular basis at University Of Applied Sciences Konstanz – Germany.

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