8 October 2020,
5pm - LDN / 6pm - PAR / 12pm - NY / 1am - TYO
To view, own and use these works click and download below:

OoO ( Corrupt File Template) 2020

OoO ( Every cat has Nine Lives) 2020

OoO (template) 2020

© Lotte Andersen, OoO FAQs and Form, 2020

Andersen invites you to take part in the work STRIKE 8/10/20 a series of templates available here to download, print, distribute and share from 5pm on Thursday 8/10/20 for the duration of Photoworks Festival – Propositions for Alternative Narratives. 

The OoO Templates, are free downloadable templates to be used as a boundary of protection. The OoO reminder is the single most commonly used system of protection, adopted by individuals of corporate organisations to resist forms of productivity. It’s function is to shift the onus of the message’s content back toward the sender, safeguarding and temporarily withholding the labour of workers. Users will find that the stigma of being unreachable is subverted by the luxury and ownership of the time. 


© Lotte Andersen, Strike, 2020


Lotte Andersen works in video, photography, sound, print, performance, text and collage. Her contribution to the Photoworks Festival in a box consists of one large scale poster containing two works. The front side features Maxilla Crowd Scan, a never-before-seen flyer-based work, captured during a party in May 2015 at 11:45pm. On the reverse of the flyer is a call to action from Andersen, as well as an invitation to participate in a group experiment.


© Lotte Andersen, Maxilla Crowd Scan, 2015

© Lotte Andersen, Shifting Modes, 2020. A forecasting document.

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