Our next guest editor is photographer, Eva Stenram, taking over our account in June 2016.

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Eva joins a list of guest editors including Peter Fraser, Mark DuffyEleanor MacnairCristina de MiddelLorenzo VitturiSian DaveyAlma HaserJuno CalypsoPhil ToledanoJason LarkinFederica Chiochetti and many more.

Negatives, slides, magazines, images from the Internet and photographic prints are Stenram’s source of inspiration as well as working material. These photographs are sometimes scanned, sometimes re-photographed, and subsequently changed through digital, analogue or physical manipulation. By muting and mutating her material, the original functions of the photographs are disrupted and often subverted. Stenram has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide and has recently had solo exhibitions at Siobhan Davies Dance (London, 2015), Panoptikon (Stockholm, 2014) and Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool, 2013), amongst others. Next she will have an exhibition at Ravestijn Gallery (in September, 2016) where she will be exhibiting new textile works whose patterns pick up and repeat small sections of vintage pin-up images.

For the Instagram takeover, Eva is posting an Instagram version of her work Cover, pp.43-51, originally exhibited as a video at The Function Room, London in 2015. In this work, Eva has rephotographed small details from an erotic magazine story from 1975, presenting fragments of the pictures of the two women depicted.

Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/photoworks_uk

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