Our teaching resources are designed to support knowledge and understanding of photography.

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Resources are grouped in Collections inspired by Photoworks’ curatorial programme and themes relevant to teachers and young people.
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Picturing High Streets

Picturing High Streets is about our relationship to place and makes use of photography as a powerful tool through which people can connect with a sense of place, community and the historic environment.


A collection of resources highlighting the work of female identifying photographers working across diverse themes and processes.

Sense of Place

This diverse collection of teaching resources explores our connection with place and environment, and as part of this, the unique geographical, architectural, or archaeological qualities that specific landscapes or sites hold.


This collection of teaching resources presents ideas and strategies for helping young people explore personal themes relating to mental health and wellbeing through photography. Many young people grapple with complex issues around identity, emotional health, sense of self or social and educational pressures. Photography can help young people articulate and make sense of personal experiences …


A collection of teaching resources exploring LGBTQ+ themes such as acceptance, coming out, history and representation created through our ten year programme of work with young people identifying as LGBTQ or U (unsure).

Photoworks Festival

The Photoworks Festival (formerly Brighton Photo Biennial) is a biennial programme that celebrates and shares contemporary photography. The teaching resources in this collection pick out festival themes explored by exhibiting artists.
black and white, nest, reeds

Jerwood/Photoworks Awards

The Jerwood/Photoworks Awards are a biennial research and development opportunity supporting artists working with photography to make and exhibit new work. This collection of teaching resources explores each artist’s work and the themes of their practice. Be sure to check out the artist films.

Identity & Representation

Our sense of self, and how we are represented by others is a broad theme particularly relevant to young people. The resources in this collection provide ways of thinking about identity and representation through themes such as family history, cultural heritage, sense of place and belonging.

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